Go from ADHD Monster to ADHD Master.

Like many women, I was diagnosed later in life, after spending years struggling to keep my shit together. Three kids, a string of abandoned businesses and hobbies, and a drive for perfectionism created endless opportunities for an ADHD meltdown.

Since my diagnosis, I’ve flung myself headfirst into learning about ADHD, and helping others begin to understand (and embrace!) their own neurodivergent brains. My experience as a systems strategist, successful business owner, and recovering perfectionist give me unique insight into the challenges that creative entrepreneurs face.

As a certified ADHD Life Coach, my goal is to help you create the tools and systems you need to start thriving. You already have what it takes, I can help get you there.

izdelava spletnih strani dizajn

I don’t consider ADHD to be an attention deficit disorder – it’s an attention COORDINATION disorder.

What ADHD Coaching Is

Coaching is to help you find your pain points, acknowledge them, learn why they exist, and create solutions and systems to manage them.  Acceptance and education is at the core of everything I do. 


I also have ADHD. I understand the struggles, the annoyances, and how our brain can change from day to day. We will work together to create a variety of strategies to help you grow, smash your goals, and get your shit under control.


The goal is not to ‘fix’ you. You aren’t broken. The goal is to change behaviors, outlooks and expectations to make interacting with the world, and getting shit done, easier.

What ADHD Coaching Is Not

Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is not consulting or mentoring. I can’t give you all the answers and advice, but I can help you find the answers for yourself.


Coaching is not implementation. I can’t take your task list and do it for you. I can help you prioritize your list, form objectives, and give you tools to help work through it.


Coaching is not an easy quick fix. This process takes work, and it isn’t always fun work. You will get frustrated at times, and you might backslide at times. That’s normal, and part of ADHD is knowing that what works today might not work tomorrow, but we can put tools and systems in place to flow with our brain instead of against it.

Not sure what would be the best option for you? No worries. Just shoot us an email and we’ll get you sorted.