Jen Swedhin

brain coach + digital unicorn

(pronounced Swuh-deen)

I’m going to admit it – I’ve been staring at this box while redesigning my website for hours. I’ve wandered off, I’ve doom scrolled, I’ve avoided. Why is writing this shit so hard?

Here’s what you need to know about me. I’m direct and open, what you see is what you get, no reading between the lines here. I have 3 amazing teenagers, and I’ve been married to my cute husband since 2006. (I wrote the wrong number there three times by the way). I grew up in an abusive house, and have worked my entire adult life to break generational cycles, learn my self value, heal, and forgive.

I was diagnosed with adhd in 2015 after my brain decided it was not interested in getting shit done anymore. A few years ago I also discovered I’m autistic, and things make so much more sense now.

I think in systems instead of pictures. Efficiency is my favorite. My top Clifton Strengths are Strategic, Learner, Responsibility, Ideation, Intellection and Command. Which means that I love to learn, strategize, and take charge.

My split brain thinking (I’m 50% left brain, 50% right brain) makes me a great coach – I can see the problems and the creative solutions, I can understand the struggles because I’ve been there, and I can support without taking on emotional journeys as my own. And I really love what I do.

Here’s the fun stuff about me:

  • I have a bunch of pets – cats, lizards, tarantulas and an axolotl
  • I love almond scent and flavoring, and will cry if you find me a good almond tea
  • I spend my free time making pottery (and messes) on my wheel
  • I believe Black lives matter, in protecting trans lives, that all bodies are good bodies, and support marginalized communities
  • I love traveling and watching TV
  • I hate broccoli and winter


Team Get Shit Done

how it started. . . .

After a bunch of failed side hustles, I (Jen) eventually picked up a camera, and hyperfocus took the wheel. I got pretty good at it, but it was never a calling for me, it was something I did. The business side, messy. So messy. Splitting time between trying to make a profit, keep learning and improving, while also being a mom of three with a husband that worked out of town a lot….it was tough.

One day, a fellow creative posted that they were needing to hire a virtual assistant, and a lightbulb went off. That’s what I am truly good atorganization, processes, and getting shit done in general. Jen Gets Shit Done was born. Hilariously, I was diagnosed with ADHD shortly after, when managing all of those details put my neurodivergent brain into a shutdown.

Over the years I started specializing more in boudoir retouching and website design. I brought on my partner, Brian, to help with the overflow. In 2020, Jen Gets Shit Done became Team Get Shit Done, I hung up the camera for good, and we haven’t looked back.

how its going. . . .

We still dabble in a lot of things, and keep our fingers in a lot of pies. While our main focus is ADHD coaching and systems support for creative entrepreneurs, we also work on interesting projects that come our way, like educational material creation, project management, template design, and boudoir retouching.

What’s most important to us is that we are doing work that we enjoy, that is aligned with our values, and that has a deep impact on our clients and their businesses. We don’t take just any project or client on, only the awesome ones. If that sounds like you, or you have a project you think we would dominate, reach out!


pink brain icon



Owner, ADHD Coach, strategist

Jen is the leader of this stone cold pack of bosses. After working solo for years, she convinced Brian to quit the day job grind and work with her. The team has expanded over the years to include more services with refined expertise. With 10 years as a photographer and a shockingly high number of years as an administration and organizations expert (over 15!!), she has the right stuff, baby. Her zone of genius is thinking outside the box, and making complex processes simple. She’s also quite good at creative swear words, staying up late, and collecting colorful pens. She has 3 neurodivergent teenagers, and somehow still manages to keep her head on straight.

say hello to


Team lead/all around badass

Britt uses her calm demeanor to seamlessly support our clients through their chaos. She is a true artist, both behind the camera, and with any kind of paint in her hand. A truly gentle soul, and a valued asset to anyone lucky enough to collaborate with her. 



Lead Retoucher

Brian is the weirder half to Jen’s dynamic duo. With over 10,000 boudoir images retouched by Brian yearly, he’s a powerhouse and seasoned pro. Talk to him in gifs or movie quotes and you’ll have a friend for life. 

look, its


Dubsado Implementor + Retoucher

Laura has her feet in two worlds on Team GSD. When she isn’t polishing images on the retouching team, she’s dominating workflows as our lead Dubsado implementor. All while juggling dog-mom duties to her puppy Chonk. 

Our Core Values

learn it

Our shared knowledgebase sets us apart, and our team is continually learning, growing, and improving. 

bend it

Flexibility in all things – our team is encouraged to work in ways that suit their specific brain/life needs, and we offer a creative, customized approach to our clients. 

say it

Connection can only happen with open, honest, and respectful communication. We strive for transparency internally and externally. 

own it

Mistakes happen, it’s the way our team handle those situations – with accountability, grace, and vulnerability – that turns a mistake into a learning opportunity. 

improve it

We focus on systems and solutions to make lives better. We don’t accept the status quo, and our aim is to improve everything we touch, through our hard work, talent, and teamwork.

We get shit done, together. 

At TeamGSD, we embrace and celebrate unique humans. We are building a team environment where marginalized bodies, neurodiverse brains and the full gender spectrum can shine authentically with the expectation of accommodations and acceptance. Your quirks are welcome here, YOU are welcome here.