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small group adhd coaching

I’ll be honest, I was nervous to start my first group coaching program. I personally had never thrived in a group program before, but after hearing many requests for it, I conceded. And you know what? It was AMAZING.


The reason I hadn’t thrived in group programs in the past was because they weren’t made for neurodivergents by neurodivergents. What a damn difference that makes!


These small groups are full of creatives just like you. People that have struggled with the big stuff, the small stuff, the life stuff, the business stuff. And we talk about it all – why it’s so hard to brush your teeth sometimes, or how to effectively set up a scheduling system that doesn’t break your brain.

The built-in accountability and collaboration is so helpful, but even more helpful is knowing you aren’t alone in your weird shit. 


My goal with group coaching is not to add more to your plate, it’s to teach you how to manage the plate you already have. There isn’t homework, or a bunch of reading and videos to feel guilty about not doing. We work through the weekly topics together, check in throughout the week, share our wins and struggles.

And most importantly (for me anyways) – no one person dominates the calls and does all the talking. Everyone gets their space, their time, and their needs met.

Join me for the next program, I would love to have you. 



Summer 2024 – meets Tuesdays – starts July 29

Fall 2024 – meets Wednesdays – starts September 18

Small group

3-month group coaching program

6-8 participants

45-minute 1:1 coaching call before the program

Weekly 90-minute recorded group coaching zoom calls

TGSD community platform  + app with private group access

Co-Working – body doubling to get shit done

Weekly Office hours – for additional support

$1750 (or $625 per month)

how it works

Step 1

Book a call – we need to chat, meet each other, and make sure we both pass the vibe check. Coaching is a super personal process, so connection is a must!

Step 2

If we’re a good fit, dope! I’ll send you the signup process, which includes a coaching agreement and your first payment invoice. 

Step 3

We’ll schedule your 1:1 call. We will dig in, set some intentions, and get to know each other before our group program starts.

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connect with Jen

I wanna see your face!

Ready to chat? Want more information? Curious if I pass the vibe check? My favorite way to connect is on a zoom call. No pressure, no expectations, just me in my cute pink headphones, answering your questions and giving you my honest recommendations. I want to see you thrive, and this is the best way to start on that path.  

If the idea of a call gives you rumbly tummy, that’s okay too! I’m just pumped to connect with you in any way. Use this button to send a message.